GAM Capital (GAMCap) is a specialist investor and asset manager with a focus on UK energy infrastructure

GAMCap is a London-based investment and asset management firm. Founded in January 2010, GAMCap’s focus is on energy infrastructure assets that generate diverse income streams. We have an enduring aim to seek diversification in alternative infrastructure asset classes that provide inflation-linked income and capital growth.


Our aim is achieved through the allocation of capital and finance to infrastructure projects in the UK energy sector. Originally concentrating on renewable energy projects, GAMCap now undertakes a broader range of activity identifying investment opportunities not reliant on government subsidies. Our understanding of the value drivers and risks are critical in our ability to protect capital, deliver projected revenue and maximise returns. Our process and risk management models deliver fully operational projects, from inception through to successful commissioning and operation.


GAMCap’s management team is made up of finance professionals with extensive experience in corporate finance, project management, accounting and asset management. Our financial experience has been channeled in to identifying investment and funding opportunities within the energy sector, working in partnership with both private and institutional investors to raise capital and operate the asset.

If you would like to find out more about our work and are interested in deploying capital in UK energy infrastructure projects, funding strategies or have a business proposal you would like to talk to us about, please use the email address provided on the contact page.

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