500MW Gas Peaker Mandate

GAM Capital Limited (GAMCap) is delighted to announce the completion of an agreement with their investors to construct, manage and operate a portfolio of up to 500MW gas peaking plants over the next 24 months.

The agreement involves an innovative approach to capture market opportunities and provides a robust and financeable solution to a market segment which faces increasing competition.

GAMCap’s offtaker will be remotely controlling the portfolio of plant from their 24/7 trading desk and be responsible for identifying opportunities to optimise the running schedules of the plant based on changes to demand and production levels. GAMCap’s strategy creates strong value propositions to flexible generators outside of the traditional service market.

GAMCap’s first phase began with the acquisition of the entire share capital of a company owning 46.5MW of development rights with T-4 Capacity Market agreements. GAMCap will construct, manage and operate this portfolio of small-scale gas-powered peaking plants; the first of which will be delivering power this December.

Lewis Gardner, GAMCap’s Commercial Director, commented “this first phase of our pipeline gives us the platform to achieve our aim of becoming a major new provider in the balancing and backup power markets. I wish to thank our investors, business partners and advisors for the roles they have played in supporting us on this exciting opportunity”.

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