Contributing to a greener world

Gamcap develops, finances, constructs and operates utility scale green energy assets.

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250-300 GW of new renewables capacity is needed per annum to reach the Paris Agreement 1.5ᴼC target

Global temperature target
Paris Agreement, 2015
We are focused on pursuing green energy opportunities that we categorise as follows:
The opportunities we work on tend to fall into on of the three categories below:
In-house Developments
Developing assets from the earliest stages. Once they are ready to build we either sell them or construct them to then sell or to hold.
Acquiring third party developed assets. We are flexible and have the ability to acquire assets at any stage of development as long as they are not yet operational.
Joint Ventures
We work with local partners in selected regions to co-develop or acquire portfolios of assets. The strategy for these assets is in line with our in-house development.

Our mandate

We pursue opportunities that utilise proven technologies, advancing us further towards a fossil fuel free world.
Contacting us

Get in touch through the relevant channel

If you're an investor in green energy assets and would like to speak to us about a collaboration then please email us using the link below.
If you are a developer of green energy assets and you are looking for funding for you project, or you are looking to sell it then please get in touch using the link below.
General Enquiries
For all enquiries that do not relate to investors or developer then please email us using the link below.