If you're looking for green energy to be built on your land then you're in the right place. We will rent your land from you over 30-40 years, meaning you get a healthy, reliable and regular income over a long period of time. In certain cases we can purchase the land if that is your preference over long term rental.

The Benefits

There are many potential benefits to having a solar photovoltaic, wind or battery storage plant on your land.
We offer competitive terms that are in line with market standards, providing long term inflation-linked income.
In majority of cases there is land which is not utilised as part of the green energy development. Whilst we still pay for this land under our agreement there is often a possibility for you to graze small livestock on the site (at no cost or loss of rental income).
We cover all the costs of the development. We will even pay for your reasonable third party (lawyers etc) costs in formalising our agreement to rent your land.
Having green energy on your land can be an excellent way to diversify your income meaning that you have another flow of income coming from a source not linked to agriculture.

Development Process

Stage 1
Once we have established a dialogue we will undertake a quick desktop review of the land you are proposing to assess its suitability. After this we will issue you with a Heads of terms (HoTs) which will outline the commercial agreement (rental figure, term, amount of land etc) between ourselves.
Stage 2
We carry out the various studies and reporting requirements required as well as submit our planning permission application. Detailed in the application will be the proposed layout of the plant itself.
Stage 3
Once we have all the consents we require to construct the plant we will then carry out the final design and engineering work. From here we have our teams sent to the site to begin constructing the plant.
Stage 4
Once we have commissioned the operating plant we then transfer its responsibility to our asset management team who will be the day to day managers of the plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs to me?
There are no costs to you. We will fund all of the costs associated with the development as well as fund your reasonable third party costs.
How much land do you need?
This depends on the type of green energy plant you are wanting on your land. Battery storage takes up the least space, followed by wind, with solar photovoltaic taking up the most. If you are not decided on a particular type of plant we can assess what will be most suitable for the land you are wanting to lease to us.
What happens at the end of the lease?
At the end of the term we will remove all the equipment on the site and restore it back to its original state.
Do I need to maintain anything?
No you do not. We will carry out all of the maintenance that is required to keep the plant operating smoothly.
How long will it operate for?
Typically the lease will be for 40 years. If that does not work for you then do not worry as there could be a solution. Get in contact and we can advise what is possible and what is not.
Can I sell the land?
It's your land so of course you can. Once you have a lease with ourselves this is often highly sought after and could lead to an increased value attributed to your land.

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